Mirvik (Dawn of the Valiant)

Background History

Chapter I: Early Days Lemin Keinen, Astrador Thorjofson and Kador and Klaufi Magnarson, grow up in Hamal, the capital city of the Mirvik Empire, a hard desert dwelling barbaric civilizations separated from the mainland of Kovi by the Sea of turmoil. Suffering traumatic upbringings the boys bond as outcasts (Astrador the feral orphan, Lemin Keinen who struggles to hide his innate supernatural powers and the Magnarson twins born to a Feldonian mother captured by their prominent father Reinar, Hamals fleet commander and head ranger). The boys are bullied through their coming of age training particularly the Magnarsons by the Chief Lord Bern’s son Cathan and by the Disciple, the only practicing magic user in Hamal, and chief advisor to Lord Bern. Reinar Magnarson, from the line of old rulers of Hamal loses favour amongst the nobles of Hamal for marrying a Feldonian slave and is forced to offer his only daughter Siri to wed Cathan an exchange that will bind the Magnarson family lineage to Cathan in exchange for some small acceptance in Hamal. Due to his heroic strength and talent for smithing Kador Magnarson finds a niche in the Hamal forges under the tutelage of fogemaster Palin, who is one of the few Mirvkin to treat the boys without discrimination. At the coming of age trials, the boys manage to triumph against unthinkable odds to capture a dreaded Irian greatcat from the dessert, however when returning to town bloodied and bruised, they are set upon by Cathan and his gang, only to have the victory, glory and prizes snatched from them at the final hour. The boys are approached by Reinar to go on a raid to Feldom with him to prove their loyalty to Mirvik by sacking the homeland of their mother. Fearing his ‘soft nature’ would let the crew down Reinar refuses to let Lemin come on the voyage . The boys sneak Lemin on board, but he is discovered hiding in a barrel in the cargo hold, shortly thereafter the Iron Stride is scuttled on a small island the boys free Lemin and narrowly escape a one eyed giant and soon the ship sets sail once again for Feldom. As the Mirvkin ship (the Iron Stride) nears Feldom, Reinar informs the boys that the village that they are going to sack is actually their mother’s village. When the ship arrives they find the village has already been sacked, worse still the stone itself is blackened and seems to have melted away in areas, Reinar assembles a raiding party in order to determine what could have caused such damage and insists on taking all of the boys along so they can prove themselves but once ashore the raiding party is captured by Feldonian guards on Horseback led by Sergent Hanlit. Reinar, the boys and a few other Mirvkin soldiers are brought before the local Fedonian Lord, for judgment who, believing that the Mirvkin were responsible for the devastation of the village sentences them all to death. The boys proclaim their innocence and the Lord makes an exception stating that if they join the Feldonian army as conscripts they can prove their loyalty. At the Lords orders the Mirvkin elect Reinar to be set free to tell his crew what has happened and to sail the Iron Stride back to Hamal, never to return to Feldom. Before he leaves, he publicly denounces and disowns his sons Kador and Klaufi before heading back. Chapter II: Feldom The boys are conscripted to the bottom of Feldonian army and put under the management of a fat pock-faced warden called Pug Wallace and a tough arms master called Murdoch. After some training with various arms the group head off for their first mission to quash an underground cult near a small town in Feldom’s heartland. When the conscripts enter the cult's headquarters they encounter gruesome skeletons, undeterred they fight their way to the cult leader a dark robed figure who reveals himself to be a Dargonian Necromancer named Zadar. He quickly convinces the recruits to join him and fight off the Feldonian guards they had arrived with, the boys turn coat, all except Lemin Keinan who's values are not negotiable, he makes an attempt to slay Zadar but is cut down by his foul minions. Pug Wallace is killed in the subsequent struggle but Murdoch manages to escape with an injured leg. Zadar welcomes the remaining boys into his employ along with another recruit survivor named Eagan . He introduces them to an exiled noble-born mercenary named Robert Finch who joins the group. The group is soon visited by a menacing character wearing long orange robes known as Novokai. Novokai emanates a potent energy about him, making everyone’s hair stand on end. Astrador’s disregard for authority winds up costing him his vision as he mouths off to the powerful magic user. A plan is hatched to move base to a nearby farmhouse, but things take a turn for the worse when the group slays the residents and set the farmhouse alight. Astrador makes a deal with Novokai’s General known as The Shade to restore his sight by killing the farmer small baby. As with all dark pacts, the deal is not quite as it would seem and a baby skeleton named Styx is born, bound to Astrador through dark magics his presence allows Astrador to move more freely and sense his surroundings better without his sight. The group settle in a dense forest nearby the farmlands and found a small settlement there. The boys route some Gnolls headed for a Gnoll summit and discover a cursed tower in the process. They explore the tower and uncover the mystery of an insane ‘surgeon’ Judge Graven who was experimenting on his patients. In the process they retrieve a magical helmet, a fine scalpel made of a strange rare metal and a small silver locket belonging one of Judge Graven former patients, a young girl from a local farming family. The boys discover a cellar area but are repelled from exploring it by some kind of frost spiders. They also realise that the helmet is somehow tainted and draws evil spirits to it. They bury the helm it in the forest a short distance from their camp. Upon the boys return to camp they find Zadar negotiating with the Stone Basilisks a mercenary group operating inside Feldom, The Basalisks are led by a notoriously cruel character known as Gorgon. Zadar hires a dozen troops and the boys act as trainers and custodians of the group while Zadar retreats to his underground lair to work on his own plans using Eagan as a messenger. The boys go on a mission and end up burning down a church and slaughtering the few monks that lived there, they soon meet a network of rogues who agree to deal them arms. Feldom puts a bounty on Mirvikins for their acts at the church. The boys travel to Judge Graven’s tower with one of the recruits a young fighter named Cassius to try to discover a way to lift the curse from the helmet and discover more rare objects in the ruins. On the way they meet an eccentric character named Estallion Bastion a debonair musketeer style character with flamboyant clothing who insists on joining them as he has lost his horse. The boys defeat the frost spiders but are rebuffed from the second basement level by powerful creatures. While travelling to the stables with Estallion to find his horse the party encounter a band known as the Malorichar or Honor guard of Feldom. The most powerful generals of the land, charged with protecting the people of the nation and the power over all Fedonian soldiers the group answer to no one. It is revealed that Estallion knows them personally and is of a major noble family from Precedin. The Malorichar introduce themselves to the party Azbar Engal, Errolan, Ludvic Hammerfell and Mandigal (who appears to be of Dargonian descent). Robert Finch reveals himself as an exiled outcast and the party is apprehended by the Malorichar who are on their way to Precedin (aka The City of War). While the party is awaiting judgement in the prisons below Precedin a long time passes and sounds of war can be heard from outside. They are eventually freed by Estallion Bastion their unlikely travel companion and make their way through the chaos of the city to find Mandigal’s chambers to retrieve Styx. With Styx retrieved the party watch as huge strange winged monsters descend upon the city, and watch the ensuing chaos as the Feldonian General with his Golden Fullplate is killed on the battlements of the City. Talk is heard about a strange bone bridge that has raised overnight in Lake Moonsong, one of the main fortifications of the city against enemy invasion. The party watches as the tide of battle turns and the Dargonian troops flood the City of War, an event that has never happened before in the history of Kovi Chapter III: A Nation at War The party narrowly escapes Precedin and on the return journey to Zadar’s forest HQ, Kador is captured by Feldonian guards and taken to a fortified outpost in the nearby region. The party return to Zadar in the Forrest HQ, only to find that he is being threatened by a group of Stone Basalisks demanding more pay for the recruits as war is ravaging the land. The party run-off the Basalisks killing a few of them, but the others swear that Gorgon will return for their heads. The party are recruited by Zadar for a mysterious special mission to travel to the Independent kingdom of Aldney, led by the self styled King Balderoff who secede from Feldom many years ago, they are to meet a contact there to find out more. On their way to Aldney they plan to free Kador from the guard fort, but after a few clumsy attempts Kador uses the commotion as an opportunity to free himself. With the party united they travel to Aldney. In Aldney they meet their contact and are tasked to travel through the mountains into Dargon to a small town where they are to meet another contact. When they arrive the party are astonished to see the Feldonian Malorichar Mandigal in a Dargonian border town. He tasks them and several other recruits to escort a very special wagon full of essential war supplies from the town back to Aldney. The party meet a young Dargonian farmer called Ivan who becomes one of the party over the next few days of travel together. After a few days there is some commotion it appears that Novokai is hunting down the special supplies in the wagon. Mandigal splits the group and takes most of the troops to try to hold Novokai and his trained Dargonian Elites and assassins off, while the party is tasked to get the wagon to the safety of Aldney as fast as possible with no delays. In the narrow cliff ravine the party is set upon by a Dargonian Assassin and during an epic cliff hanger encounter the wagon falls into the ravine, they soon discover that the wagon is completely empty. Confused and suspicious the party are travel to Aldney. Upon their return to Aldney the party are paid their full contract wage despite not returning with the wagon or goods leaving some confusion. Zadar moves to Aldney to escape the impending war and possible repercussions of the Stone Basilisks. He hatches a plan to get closer to King Balderoff, knowing the king is fond of bloodsports and prize fighters he encourages the party to fight in the arena in order to win acclaim and become close to the king. It is revealed that after three straight victories fighters are welcomed with a function held by the king in their honour. The party embark upon their new quest in the arena and are surprised to meet Murdoch, now Arena Training Master, he is surprising pleased to see the boys and tells them that he admires and respoects their vitality constitution, they are 'his kind of folk'. He helps them with info about their upcoming opponents. Round one: the party dispatch a group from Karmena known as Karmena’s Pride, and were amazed to discover that the animals were leading the Karmenian humans into battle. Intermission: The head prize fighter in Aldney is known as the King of the Pit, Aldneys current King of the Pit is a Huge Mirvkin called Vi-Victus, the party watch him deteat and group of soldiers riding an elephant in an epic show. It is truly is a awsome spectacle to see. Round two: the party defeats a group known as the Emerald Scorpions, but not without sustaining some serious wounds from their poison laced spears. With just a few days before the third fight the party decides to travel to a local oracle in the mountains who may be able to cure their illness before the next fight. Meeting the oracle a gray haired old hag, they offer some valuable personal goods to her bubbling fountain to cure their ills. She tells Astrador that his magical blindness is the cause of ongoing magic by Novokai, meaning Novokai is extremely powerful. It can be broken with a spell using an item that is meaningful to Novokai or a part of his body (hair etc…) The Crone offers to ease Astradors condition temporarily in exchange for sexual favours, he agrees. The Crone jumps back when she sees Klaufi, she calls him the cursed one saying that he is cursed with great responsibility and dunks his head into the fountain, Klaufi has a vision of his own death at the hands of Novokai in a strange stone temple, he is mourned by his companion a gigantic Eagle. After leaving the Crone’s temple the party encounter and defeat some mountain men who have killed a huge eagle leaving its one offspring orphaned. Klaufi takes it into his care and the party return to Aldney… The party manage to defeat their third arena opponents the bladless brawlers, muscly brutes who fight with fists and no armour as Astrador does, they couldn't match the strength of the parties Mirvkin heritage. The boys are welcomed at an event hosted by King Balderoff, there they meet Vi Victus who tells them his history: “Exiled from Mulphus for backing the wrong lord's ascension to the throne, 120 of us wandered the desserts for months, slowly and horribly we dropped dead one by one, thirst, starvation, Irians and Gorinian devils finished some off, but t'was the sun that done for most of em. Then it was just me. I eventually reached the coast, stole a fishing ship and rowed it across the sea of turmoil. Eventaully found my way here.” They meet Balderoff's advisor and master at arms Fesvic, the boys note his similarity to Ludvic Hammerfell of the Malorichar (Feldonian Honour Guard) he reveals that Ludvic is his brother, they were born and raised in Aldney. Fesvic sends them on a job, a nearby town has stopped paying its taxes, he figures that the boys are capable and would want to do this kindness for their new king. The boys depart for Eastwick in the morning. Death and Taxes At Eastwick the party are immediately set upon by a mindless 'zombie' which Finchey almosts dispatched in order to protect his friends, the 'zombie' turns out to be the local smiths son Wennett who has lost his wits just 3 days past. The town regent Sir Donovan makes a show of arms and in no uncertain trerms orders that the party do not draw their weapons again whilst in Eastwick. Over a few bottles of cheap hooch the smith's apprentice Waynrite explains to the party that the locals have been losing their minds, one by one and its been getting worse of late, mostly young victims, who disappear briefly before returning with a bald patch and no wits, the local Lady has locked herself away in the Mansion for her own protection the troble of the townsflok has meant that the taxes have not been collected as usual . The Smith blames the new priest in town the hardass preacher Father Borkfantius but Waynrite suspects it may have something to do with the arrogant Sir Donovan, self appointed town regent and guardian of the local Lady, Amelia Urncliff. Mindflayer__2_.jpg Nightmarish Octopus-Headed Daemon The following day, battered and bruised the party meet with Sir Donovan and Lady Amelia who has little recollection of the last 2 months. Although still personally affronted by the party, Sir Donovan thanks the boys for their aid and assures them that the taxes payments to Aldney will be restored. Feeling that the job was not complete the party turns its attention to Father Borkfantius, who was summoned to Eastwick by lady Amelia after the troubles began. They travel with Sir Donovan and his guards to confront the priest of Skyie, the priest waves off their accusation and turns to leave but is cut down by Ivan Kovatch who is immediately wrestled to the ground and arrested, Sir Donovan allows the rest of the party to leave but advises them that Ivan will likely hang for his offense. The party look for help from Fesvic Hammerfell, who sensing some impending complications dispatches his best man “Ralph the Fixer” to sort it out by whatever means necessary. They eventually notify Zadar, who seems very aggrieved that Ivan has been captured, and insists upon an immediate rescue attempt. Meanwhile at the trial, Ivan confesses that he is really Friedrich Hemagoras rightful heir to the throne of Dargon and estranged nephew of the Tyrant King Zephra. He urges the small court to let him avenge his family and take the throne of Dargon and in doing so will find a great ally in him. At this news Sir Donovan's eyes light up and he immediately takes a half dozen men and horses and sets of at full pace from Eastwick.

Wed 6.3.16: The Aftermath of Eastwick

Eagan notifies the party that Donovan will return to Eastwick in 3 days, so Zadar decides that they should all head to Eastwick and 'rescue' Ivan on the mid night of the second day, he advises the party to keep a low profile.

The following day the party decide to blow off some steam by gambling at the Harpy's Head tavern, they notice a strange character who they confront. The man named Ira, reveals that he knows about their crimes and offers the party to buy his silence or else he would be forced to sell there whereabouts to Gorgon, Warchief of the Stone Basalisks or King Castenedas agents in the capital city of Skyie. The party threaten Ira but sgree to pay him 100gp for his silence.

Meanwhile Robert Finches sister Lana tracks him to the tavern. She tell him of her horrible circumstances and the woes of their family. He gives her 60gp to aid her starving children in Entshore.

The party return to Zadar, having being spotted by the rogue agent Ira they decide to immediately travel to Eastwick and arrive by afternoon the follwoing day. After much deliberation and a failed attempt to gain audience with Lady Amelia Urncliff the party go with Zadar's plan of a forawrd assault on the masion using a bulk of the skeleton led by Eagan while the party and a few skeleton go through the back, The party fight their way through to the dungeons and free Ivan who is concerned about the weapons the smith had promised to craft for him.

After returning to Aldney the party overhear Zadar abusing Ivan who later reveals to the party that he is actually Fredrich Hemagoras, son of Aldan Hemagoras, rightful heir to the throne of Dargon

Later that night Freidrich is having bad dreams and Klaufi who was tending the wounds of his brother Kador returns with some water to see Atstrador slipping down the corridor from Zadar's chambers back to his bedroll.

The next morning Zadar insists that the party travel to Dauthnin an outpost town of Karmena via the backroads, the head off and after 9 days on the road encounter a battle hardened group of gnolls capturing Feldonian refugees. The party are spotted and the Gnoll Leader approches them, he tells them that the Human races time on Kovi is done and that the Great Tor'Mungus Leader of the Gnolls kill and enslave the suviovors of the great war that has begun. After an exchange of words the party agree to send their champion against his own, Astrador steps into the ring, his opponent a slow witted giant gnoll who towers over the large Mirvkin Brawler. Astrador draws the first blood by tearing a chunk from the Gnoll's calf muscle limiting his mobility, the enraged Gnoll manges to pick up Astrador bodily and hurl him from the ring, despite his speed and agility Astrador cant match the brute strength of the collosal Gnoll, and after Astradors defeat the party is "exiled in shame" the Gnolls taunt the party and continue on their way with their captives.

The party finally reach Karmena, the forrest is unlike any they have ever seen before, plants and animals of all kinds are condensed together in an environment that would not support them elswhere, aligators, giraffes and rabits cluster around cacti, ferns and great oaks. The party finally reach Dauthnin and are surprised to see that the town is built into huge living trees, they are greeted by Kilthies leader of the Thedune Blades, Karmena's eleite fighting brotherhood and disciples of Nyrune. He warns the party that forigners are rarley welcomed by Karmenians and urges them to join the militia who are preparing for the impeding assault from Dargon. They agree.


Nice one Tom. Thanks for the write-up.

Magnarsons rule.

Background History

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